Fiction Lab Australia LABCAST 05 - Cassette

by Isabel Thomson Officer

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Cassette’s passion for house and techno has been several years in the making. Her penchant for deep, melodic, rolling grooves has evolved from early days as a drum ‘n’ bass raver as well as younger years listening to everything from latin, to hip hop, to blues and soul.
As a producer and DJ talent, she is a hot favourite of Division Agency and Paul Strange and has regular spots at underground Sydney clubs and events including Spice, Blueprint and weekly monster S.A.S.H. She’s a regular on the Aussie national touring circuit and and has supported some of the biggest names of the underground including: John Digweed, Nina Kraviz, Dixon, Ame, Jamie Jones, Radioslave, Hot Since 82, Butch, Jackmaster, Mario Basanov, Alexkid, Robag Wruhme, Archie Hamilton and Soul Clap.

In addition to her career as a burgeoning DJ and producer, Cassette also hosts Division Radio on Bondi Radio 7-9pm AEST every Wednesday. Streamed by listeners from all around the globe, the show is rapidly building momentum. 

Never one to pigeon-hole herself, Cassette’s sound extends beyond the clubs where she is frequently headhunted by high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Nike and Adidas who are all keen to get in on the talented producer’s music knowledge and creativity.

As she ventures deeper into the world of production and spends more and more time in the studio, we were lucky enough to catch up with the rising Aussie star ahead of her gig at Days Like This festival in Sydney on March 10 where she’s sharing the bill with industry heavyweights The Black Madonna, Bicep, Mano Le Tough and more. We are also fortunate enough to have the pleasure to present you with this excellent mix she made exclusively for Fiction Lab. Thanks Cassette!


I read that you used to be into drum ‘n’ bass. Was there a specific moment or an influence that got you into the techno and melodic grooves you play are known for playing now?
I still like a bit of drum ‘n’ bass. Especially liquid drum ‘n’ bass which has a lot more groove. I probably wouldn't go out and listen to a whole evening of drum ‘n’ bass anymore but I love when DJs and producers incorporate a bit into DJ sets and house tracks, even if it’s just a sample in a breakdown or something. Always adds a bit of flavour and history. 

It’s hard to pinpoint what got me into techno and house, I started clubbing with my older sisters' ID when I was 15. Her boyfriend at the time was a DJ so he got us in everywhere and I just fell in love with clubs and dance music. Booka Shade were actually one of the first acts to really change the way I looked at house music and what a house track could be. I was also very inspired after the first time I saw Sasha. It was a four hour set with visuals and I just remember thinking wow, this guy is doing it right.

You’ve supported some huge names in house and techno including Digweed, Dixon, Ame, Jamie Jones and more. Who were you most excited to play alongside?
They are all amazing artists in their own right so I was excited to meet and support all of them, but probably Digweed the most as I have loved him and Sasha since I first got into house music. 

Tell us about the show you host on Division Radio. What artists have you featured of late that you were really impressed by?
Division Radio is all about supporting the local scene so we have guests on that are making waves here locally with their own parties and productions like Murat who started Spice in Sydney and Matt who started S.A.S.H and several others.

You’ve been studying music production at TAFE in Australia. How essential do you think it is to do a course to learn the ins and outs of producing music? How do you think it has helped you as a producer?
I can't speak for others as everyone has their own process, but for me it has been amazing. I wish I did it years ago. I can't even measure how much it has helped me, but if anything it has really helped me build confidence and faith in my music. There is always more to learn though and I'm keen to keep learning.

Any track releases in the pipeline for 2018 that you can share with us?
I'm working on so many tunes at the moment. I’m feeling so inspired and have had some great feedback from people I really respect so feeling very excited about this year. Stay tuned for release information!

Who are some Aussie producers/Djs we should know about?
There’s really great stuff coming from my girls Morgan and Monika Ross as well as Venda and Ant J Steep (I've used one of his unreleased tunes in this mix). The Conspiracy Music crew are releasing some great stuff on their own label. 

Any plans for a tour to the US sometime soon?
Yes I'm finishing music school in July so hopefully September! Stay tuned...

You’re playing at Days Like this Festival which has one of the biggest underground dance music lineups going in Australia. What are you most looking forward to?
Ahhhh there are so many great acts so hard to narrow it down. Sonja Moonear blew my mind at Subsonic Festival a year or two ago so I can't wait to see her again. Sven Vath is always good fun, The Black Madonna, Bicep, Floating Points - there's so many good acts on the lineup I need a clone so I can see them all!

Can you tell us about this mix you’ve made? (i.e. vibe, where it was recorded, inspiration, artists featured)
This is a collection of tunes I been vibing on lately - some old, some new, some vinyl, some digital; some released some unreleased. I've included two of my own unreleased tracks. I recorded it in the Bondi Radio booth with a view of Bondi Beach, where I'm lucky enough to record my radio show live every week