Introducing Fiction Lab Australia

We’re very excited to announce the launch of FictionLab Australia! It’s been several months in the making but we cannot wait to start sharing with you some of the amazing talent happening Down Under.

Aussies are often a forgotten bunch down in their southern corner of the world, but when left to their own devices, they’ve been producing some seriously incredible music and the underground scene is absolutely thriving. From the bush doofs (we’ll get into what those are later!), to the clubs, there is no shortage of quality tunes. Australian labels like Chameleon Recordings and Lo-Fi 45 are at the forefront of nurturing homegrown talent, while many of Australia’s best are releasing on top international labels such as ESP Institute, Microcastle, Bedrock, Crossfrontier, Cin Cin and touring with the likes of Lee Burridge’s signature parties All Day I Dream.

Much like FictionLab, FictionLab Australia will be filled with lab chats with underground tastemakers, DJs and producers, event and festival round ups across the country, what our European DJ friends are doing Down Under, as well as diving deeper into Australia’s dance music culture and how it interacts and connects with the rest of the world. If anything we hope we just get to introduce you to some really fucking awesome new music!