High 5 - Luca Bacchetti

intro by Jelena Drenjakovic

Italian DJ, producer and Endless record label head Luca Bacchetti has built a huge reputation on the strength of his production. His sonic soundscape oscillates between entrancing electronica and techno fully aligned by a particularly strong sense of melody and ambience. Apart from spreading his signature twists and musical turns through myriad productions and remixes, the past few years have seen the Italian rack up plenty of frequent flyer points, playing shows across the globe. Ahead of his upcoming gig at The Brooklyn Mirage and Burning Man, Luca Bacchetti gives us a taste of his broad sonic scenery with 5 EPs that traverse beautiful realms of sound whilst being hard to pin down to exact genre markers. 

Max Loderbauer - Brightbird Remixes

Max Loderbauer is back to lend his unique interpretive skills to the master recordings for the Brightbird album by João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Mário Franco and Samuel Rohrer. Loderbauer’s role as electronics operator in the similarly attuned Ambiq trio has already shown that, through his mastery of tone color, he has a talent for teasing out the additional hidden details within an apparently ‘complete’ sonic environment. It’s a task he manages to accomplish without ever overriding or contradicting the cohesive message provided by his collaborators.


Various Artists: Animisme

This production is a collaborative effort of Jakarta-based DIVISI62 and Berlin-based DISK (formerly known as Diskant). It features 4 tracks by the constituents of DIVISI62 that are inspired by Indonesia’s urban slums, dangdut and pencak silat. 


Palta & Ti - Palta og Ti på den Tolvte Ø

Palta & Ti produced a wealth of some of the most lovingly referential and consistent music of recent times, the tracks making up “Palta og Ti på den Tolvte Ø” are slightly harder to pin down to exact genre markers. Each song is busy yet never overcrowded with elements; building concise and playful grooves which if forced we would say positions them somewhere in the ambient space between jazzy-improv-house and dubby, hypnotic electronics.


Jordan Poling - Plangent 009

Jordan transformed his life this past year. It was a time of transition from one state of mind to another and falling in love. This record encapsulates this mental transition as well as a physical transition from his longtime home of New York  to his new one in San Francisco


I:Cube - Double Pack

Versatile's main man, I:Cube returns to the fray with a hotly anticipated set of tracks that will surely stand alone in their uniqueness. The sounds here are diverse, impeccably mixed, arranged and selected by the man himself and will surely find their way into the ears and minds of those who come into close contact effortlessly.