Vril - Riese [Giegling]

by Slav Ka

Vril is a man of few words and an artist of a few notes.  His productions tend to favor dark and dusty, crackling sounds with atmosphere and ambiance doing the heavy lifting and being used almost as a musical instrument.   It was no great surprise, therefore, to hear that Vril is releasing his latest EP on Giegling: the label is also known for it's almost puritanical cultivation of minimalist, emotive techno and Vril's style and sound lives a comfortable life in Giegling's pantheon.  The new EP is both continuation and a departure from Vril's sound: the atmosphere is still his weapon of choice but the darkness has been displaced by a sense of melancholy.  On Riese, it is as if Vril has decided to play a sunrise set at Burning Man, at the same time lamenting the passing of night and welcoming a new dawn.  The dusty sound is still there, but this is not Vril's more traditional "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" but, rather, "here comes the sun"..doo doo doo doo? Well, not quite that beatles-esque, but "it's all right".