Zopelar - Stepping Stone To The Future Of Space Exploration LP [In Their Feelings]

by Irina Kotik

It seemed like only a matter of time before Pedro Zopelar made his first fully formed impressive and immensely varied album that is unique.
The multifaceted Brazilian producer, musician, live-performer, In Their Feelings record label co-owner and Red Bull Music Academy alumni, is a fast-rising artist with a genuine underground ethos and a strong emphasis on the artistry of the sound.
Pedro Zopelar emerged into the international underground electronic music scene in 2015. He astonished deep house circles with his debut EP, ‘Hamato,' released via his own In Their Feelings label. Since then, he has released music on Endless, Connaisseur Recordings, Get Physical, Doppelgänger, City Life, among others and managed to create his trademark sound and style.
The beautifully crafted nine-track debut album, “Stepping Stone To The Future Of Space Exploration,” preserves his vision on sonically dense and mind-twisting sound of futuristic house and techno. It pushes forward kaleidoscopic, drenched in acid tumbling rhythms and sophisticated grooves.

The journey begins with the “Anel,” a frenetic opener that immediately puts Zopelar’s precise and intricate signature sound on display. Right out of the gate, “Stepping Stone To The Future Of Space Exploration” harnesses the perfect amount of energy, which sets the tone for the album and also establishes a palpable mood of introspectiveness and strength.

Following the opener, the album transitions to the equally compelling track, “ACID02”. Using infectious grooves and a driving bassline to build the intensity of the track, Pedro Zopelar adds beautifully sculpted psychedelic acid lines to superb effect. The result is mechanical and edgy with a dark attitude; an immersive piece of techno with a lasting euphoric feel.

The title track “Stepping Stone To The Future Of Space Exploration” is a well crafted beat-less piece of abstract and futuristic expressionism. Layers of spacey textures, sci-fi frequencies, and abstract noises create a lucid yet hypnotic musical ambiance.

‘Brain Waves’ propels the listener back to the dance-floor territory. It does this by building a mesmerizing acid-drenched musical landscape with an irresistible percussive groove, widescreen pads, emotive futuristic synth lines and cosmic qualities.

As the album progresses, the melancholic, akin to acid techno ’GG’, creates a colorful, ornate palette infused with rich dark-tinged textures, frozen synth, captivating harmonies and flourishing acid lines.




The expertly sculpted avalanche of sonic beauty, ‘Krautin’ Away’ continues the cinematic voyage. It emits waves of tranquility through diverse futuristic landscapes, pervaded by subtle layers of brooding undertones, vibrant percussive arrangements and mysteriously floating 303 synth lines of acid.

The gorgeous “Voices From Delays” showcase how Pedro Zopelar can translate the organic and raw energy into a compelling musical alchemy. It blends captivating harmonies and infectious rhythms into a beautiful sci-fi abyss.

“Flying Buds” heads to pure acid deep house territory. It does this by incorporating pulsing raw energy, underlying house sensibility, twists of acidic synth and edgy, melancholic atmospherics.

“Beludi’s Lament“ is a perfect ending that gives an admirable finish to the entire nine-track collection. With exquisite poetic harmonies, warm organic textures and sheer lyricism, Pedro Zopelar creates a hypnotic ambient musical tapestry. This tapestry evokes an unmastered consciousness of a highly imaginative experience.