LOR - Inversnaid EP [Get Physical Music]

by Zach Huenink

LOR aka Lunar Orbit Rendezvous has been one of our favorite artists for quite some time and a Fiction Lab usual suspect with us featuring his work on our platform regularly. His music is being played out by tastemakers around the world for a few years now. With releases on Cin Cin, Exit Strategy, NVH (Hivern Disc’s sub-label), and most recently, Get Physical, the Belfast based producer has an incredible body of work built up and no signs of stopping for 2018. With that being said, we’ll jump right into reviewing his latest release, a two-tracker called ‘Inversnaid’.

The title track of the EP, ‘Inversnaid’ pulls no punches from the get go. Almost immediately after hitting play, LOR takes you on a journey deep into the depths, with a growling bass line and staccato like percussion that set the tone for the duration. As the track progresses, LOR slowly builds the melody as it is brought in and built up, layer upon layer, each adding to the complexity and atmosphere. Reaching the break, LOR wastes no time in diving back into the driving nature of this track which I love. The long, introspective breakdowns of late are not present in this EP as a whole and that gets a nod from myself.

While Inversnaid may be the A side to this EP, ‘Brain Function’ could have very well taken that spot. The track continues on with the sparse melody at first while providing the listener with a serious dose of bass and techno infused snares and hi-hats. The first little break is for a warbling spoken word sample that quickly throws the vibe into the surreal and follows up with the melody undulating through for the rest of the track. This track is wonderfully quirky, with bird-like chirps and squeaks that really make it a great addition.