Fiction Lab Best Tracks of Summer 2017

by Irina Kagan

As another summer draws to an end, we bring back the memory of fantastic tracks played at the festivals, clubs, and rooftops, marking the occasion with a guide to our 15 favorite tracks to get us in the warm summer spirit. Enjoy these tracks in this outstanding mix by our co-founder and resident DJ, Joe Foxton.

Individual tracks are listed in no particular order: 

Heart (Cleveland Remix)
Greco-Roman/City Slang

Last year Marius Lauber, a.k.a. Roosevelt, the German producer closely affiliated with Joe Goddard’s Greco-Roman label, released his highly anticipated self-titled debut album on Greco-Roman/City Slang. This past May the album got another round of the remix treatment from Roosevelt’s favorite producers.

The Luxembourger Cleveland is known for his vibrant live and DJ sets. He brings his signature sound and beautifully hypnotic edge to the package, with his take on ‘Heart’ using infectiously upbeat grooves, warm pads, and dreamy arpeggiated analog synth melody.


Fyr (Maarten Mittendorff Auro Mix)
Nous'klaer Audio

Cosime’s Fyr ( Maarten Mittendorff Mixes) EP is a mind-bending techno re-imaging of last year’s gorgeous Cosime’s ‘Fyr’ from the Dutch producer and Indigo label co-founder, Maarten Mittendorff. The beautifully crafted two-tracks remix package contains sensual but incredibly powerful ‘Auro’ and a slightly darker ‘Radia’.

A sonically rich and intensely detailed ‘Auro’ is a perfect peak-time dance-floor tool for forward-thinking DJs. 


Space Dimension Controller
Exostack (Kornel Kovacs Remix)
R&S Records

Space Dimension Controller is a project emanating from the studio of Belfast electro/house producer Jack Hamill, who brings his trademark funky retro-futuristic and mind-melting synth sounds to his new ‘Exostack’ EP, released via London’s R&S Records. The four-track EP is “a return to the “astro-boogie” of his early singles following a diversion into ambient music with last year’s Orange Melamine”. The remarkable package features remixes from Studio Barnhus artist Kornèl Kovàcs and Minimal Violence.

Kornèl Kovàcs’s version of ‘Exostack’ is a pure funk bliss. The Swedish producer throws in a dreamy hypnotic melody, silky synth chords, and an irresistibly seductive groove to stamp his own unique mark on the original, resulting in this breath-takingly constructed interpretation. 


Is This (Ripperton’s Mix

Following an impressive string of successful EPs and stellar remixes including his most recent contribution to Chapter 24's "Flow Of Tears" EP, the Swiss maestro continues his relationship with the inimitable Rumpelmusiq. For this release, “Bananenräuber" EP, Ripperton put his hands on Kalabrese's gorgeous 'Is This', once again proving that he is a true master of his craft.

Featuring masterfully crafted synth, soul-inflected vocals, and hypnotically driving bass groove, this elegant and sophisticated remix surges forward gradually with emotional power and sheer magnetism, cleverly amplifying the essence of the original.

Kalabrese - ‘Is This' (Ripperton's Mix n' Remix) is inarguably a precious gem for any music collection.


Loser’s Hymn
R&S Records

From two of the pillars of the electronic music, John Talabot and Axel Boman comes the full-length debut album ’The Night Land’ a mesmerizing, multi-faceted creative foray into the frontiers of house. 

The undeniable gem in the eight-track collection is the gorgeous tune “Loser’s Hymn”. Enveloped in a dreamy haze of a deeply emotive melody, soft synth pads, rolling high-hats and subtle cymbals, it lavishes the listener with layers of pure sublime atmosphere, perfect for a timeless sunrise journey.


The Drifter
Space Ramp
Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation celebrates its 10th anniversary with a classy compilation featuring the label’s key artists including John Talabot, Tuff City Kids, Pional, Mano Le Tough, Red Axes, The Drifter, Joakim to just a name a few. 

The multifaceted 16 track package contains a standout dancefloor hypnotizer "Space Ramp" by the incredibly talented producer The Drifter. This intricate beauty brings the listener on a spine-tingling, slow-burning journey through gorgeous cosmic harmonies and magical depth.   


Ninja Tune

Belfast’s musically versatile duo Bicep has been creating blissful euphoria on the dance-floor across the globe with their utterly addictive sound. On September 1, the duo released their self-titled debut album, “Bicep” via Ninja Tune.

The second irresistibly gorgeous single “Glue” features a swooping melange of incredibly lush synth layers woven together around seductive melodies and hypnotic breakbeat. This gorgeous anthem of huge proportions will undoubtedly put the groove in many DJ sets.  


Frankey & Sandrino
Sum Over Histories

Leave it to German duo Frankey & Sandrino to create magical moments on the dance-floor. With an outstanding collection of powerful productions, the duo continues to impress the world with their music. The utterly beautiful “Solaris” takes the listener into a haunting and dreamy realm of the deeper shades of melodic, percussive deep house. 


The Rapture

Exceptionally talented producer &Me is back in the hot seat at his own label Keinemusik with the impressive ‘Avalon’ EP that conveys tasteful music and artistic vision. 

The skillfully crafted track ’The Rapture’ is compelling musical alchemy with emotionally evocative harmonies, an expansive widescreen mood, and effortless elegance. 

The Avalon EP’s B-side became an open-air, big crowd summer anthem allowing the listener's mind to wonder and never return!


Secret Garden
Exit Strategy

Italian duo, Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti, a.k.a. Fideles, has been on a fast rise to stardom since the debut of the “Esencia” EP on Moan Recordings. Their extensive release catalog includes EPs and remixes for Defected, Be As One, Little Helpers, Truesoul, Poker Flat Recordings, Upon You and Last Night on Earth to name a few. 

Kristian of Ame described 'The Border’ EP  as “4 diverse tracks made for dance-floor and in some moments it reminds me of the glorious UMM days when Italy ruled the house world for some summers.”

The second track on the A-side, “Secret Garden”, is a creatively notable summer anthem with a mesmeric groove, silky intricate textures, warm pads, and immensely addictive melody. 


King Britt presents Obafunke
‘Uzoamaka’ (Dixon Edit)
Lossless & Something Happening Somewhere

Lossless & Something Happening Somewhere labels unite again to present an utterly gorgeous goose-bump generator Pt.2 of King Britt presents Obafunke ‘Uzomaka’ release. The package consists of a masterful update from Innervisions honcho Dixon, twisted bonus beats by the SoHaSo label boss Nuno Dos Santos and another powerful edit by SB's finest Mathias Schober.

"The original by King Britt is an ode to the ritual of dance music in its purest form. With vocals panning across the stereo field that preaches ‘Sing, dance, be, free to dance’, it resonates with the primordial human playfulness, joy, and expression in all of us. Teasing with a melodic bassline, almost reaching twelve minutes running time, it’s a modern hymn that never fails to mesmerize and bring people’s spirit together.

Besides remastering the original, it gave the opportunity to invite other artists to retell the story. This time the mighty Dixon gives the original track an update for modern dance floors. Pushing the groove to the foreground, adding some extra percussion and drive while letting the choir guide you to a monumental break in which the chord suspends in the air. “Free to… Free to… Free to…”



Keinemusik's Rampa made an impressive return to German imprint Innervisions with a new solo EP. The three-track 'Hall of Violence' EP follows Rampa's stunning debut on Dixon and Àme’s label last year, contributing the track "Nessesity" to their "Secret Weapons Part 8" compilation. 

The Afro-vocal dance floor hypnotist 'Bimma' was first heard on Áme’s Playground 2016 set at Studio Brussel. Rampa works in the fine tradition of melding hypnotically repeated phrases with deep percussive grooves. 


Henrik Schwarz
Take Words In Return (Jimi Jules remix)

The extremely talented Zurich-based producer and musician Jimi Jules broke through 2016 with his incredibly impressive, genre-defying album 'Equinox'. In 2017, he took another step forward with his powerful tune 'Ostkreuz' released earlier this year as part of the Innervisions "Secret Weapon Part 9" compilation and a few remixes via Cocoon and Superfriends Records, to name a few. His latest work is the remix of Henrick Schwartz timeless tune "We Take Words In Return".  The genius that is maestro Jimi Jules transforms "We Take Words In Return" into the euphoric, hands in the air track! 


Faris Badwan, Hercules & Love Affair
Controller feat. Faris Badwan (Mike Simonetti Remix)

Hercules and Love Affair, the nu-disco project from DJ and producer Andy Butler, has made quite a comeback this past February with a new single "Controller" from the forthcoming follow-up album to 2014's "The Feast of the Broken Heart".

This utterly gorgeous and shamelessly seductive dance-floor destroyer is a remix version of the original. Mike Simonetti adds a deep percussive groove that underpinned the immensely addictive melody and Faris Badwan's silky and lush voice. 


DJ Hell
Car Car Car (Phil Kieran's Autobahn Remix)
International Deejay Gigolo

One of the world's most respected veteran producers DJ Hell continues to increase his illustrious discography with a mind-bending remix package of his latest single 'Car, Car, Car' from his album 'Zukunftsmusik'. For this updated rendition, DJ Hell invites his special guests Roman Flugel and Phil Kieran to drop additional heat over the mighty Krafwerk-esque tune.

Phil Kieran's artfully crafted dance-floor destroyer powered by an infectious, adrenaline-induced energy is a real gem. This is dance music with conviction!