Bookwood - Tales from Bookwood

by Jelena Drenjakovic

Berlin based label URSL records takes a nuanced take on techno as they release another exciting debut EP from fresh new talent by the name of ‘Bookwood’. The three-track EP has a way of making you feel warm and airy, even when a track's tone is cool. Its strength lies in its subtlety - the tracks demand your attention effortlessly while taking you to places where the laws of physics don’t necessarily apply. 

The record opens with a wondrous chunk of disarmingly sincere ambience – slow-burning, dreamy synth waves evoke a sense of vastness you easily escape to, or get lost in. The long ethereal intro turns to a deftly quickening pace as the throbbing bass sets in, pulling you in with its deep drone. ‘Detuned World’ carries a long-winded peak as the floating, slightly reverby, synth melody sets in, slowly descending from above and mindfully closing off the track with a subtle techno twist. 

‘Uh yes oh yeah’ is another blissful beauty that unfolds in a similar fashion - it’s feather-light chords and twinkling melodies fuse a melancholy aura whereas the deep whomp of the kick beat serves as a wonderful counterpoint. Once this deep groove gets us rolling, we are treated to affirmative vocal samples and breakbeats that come as a welcomed surprise. ‘Uh yes oh yeah’ hits with a pleasing intensity and comes with an ideal arrangement designed for closing DJ sets.

Closing out Bookwood’s debut EP is the track ‘Follow’ which opens with impeccably atmospheric chords and a throbbing kick beat that soon pairs with a deep, hypnotic bass line. Light hats slowly pick up as the ethereal synths continue to grow and build. It’s here that Bookwood unravels the art of spooling tension. While vocal samples gradually fill out some of the space, acidic pulsations dipped in long one-note synths gather up the tension, before releasing it with a pleasing jolt.